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The next few steps are for people who are ready to take their home business to the next level.  There’s a handful more tools that are needed, but they’re all still very accessible at every business level.


Brand Soldiers Map


vi) Create a video.  When you give people the opportunity to work with you, you need to tell them what you’re all about.  That video is going to replace the face-to-face prospecting that you would normally do.  You can host it wherever you’d like, just make sure it’s not publicly viewable.

vii) Create an application.  Not only do you want to filter out people who aren’t ready to work with you, in my methodology, like a great chef, we don’t let anyone go to waste.  They’ll either be interested in your company, interested in buying the products, or just interested in your information outside of your network marketing company.

viii) Write and implement an onboarding sequence. Using Active Campaign, you’re going to have 3 different email automations happening. It’s all dependent upon what your lead is interested in.  The goal of the automation for interested customers is to bring them into the business. The goal of the business partners automation is to show them how to duplicate their team.  The goal for people who aren’t interested at all is to keep them entertained and educated.  They may one day decide to try your products, or they may be interested in step #11)

x) Create more opportunities for people to find you.  You may not have a big ad budget (you don’t need one) and you may not have a ton of great content that’s being shared but there are still plenty of ways that people can find you.  The biggest bang for your effort is Facebook Livestreams. I have a full checklist of what you have to do before, during and after here.

xi) Create your own products.  Here’s my 100% belief: network marketing brings you to the path you were meant to take.   When I started working with Avon I found that I hated having to drive 45 minutes into the city to drop off catalogs and manage orders.  What I loved doing was creating kick ass business meetings for teams and teaching people how to build an actual business they could be proud of.

Most people never get this opportunity because home businesses are a direct line to the business world and they don’t give it a try. You don’t need your own ideas, a ton of startup capital or inventory.  As your business moves forward, you’ll find what you love and hate about doing it and before you know it, you’ll be presented with this amazing download of something you were meant to do.

When that happens, when you get some time under your belt, that’s when you need to start creating your own products that will be the basis for your online empire.



If you know that there has to be a better way to build your business, but you just need a little help connecting the dots, my MLM Facebook Launchpad training might be just what the doctor ordered. It’s a 90 minute training video (with some neat bonuses!) that’s going to bring you from A to Z and goes into a lot more detail in how to actually put together everything that you’ve learned on this page.

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If you missed any of the resources that I’ve mentioned in this 2 part article, you can grab them all in one swift motion by clicking the image below.