A jam session for rockstars + gonnabes.

Fanning the flames between your sparks of ideas and the strategies you need to make shit happen.


I am still so super jazzed from our call.  You are so kind and clever and lovely to talk to. It is all so exciting and accessible now.  I swear, Dawn can find gold and good ideas in anything. You think it isn’t going to work and don’t know where to begin – speak to her and suddenly things become clear and you have a right hand to get you through and guide you, turning the ideas into being.  -Grace Quantock

1-on-1 Incite Session

I work with active and motivated entrepreneurs.  I'm not a rah-rah-sis-boom-bah coach.  I can't figure out what you want to do when you grow up if you don't have the spark of an idea.  This is a one-off brainstorm session.  A meeting of the minds.  Our own mini think tank.  The space in the road where intuition and kicking-ass meet.

I look at what you're doing and see what's possible. We'll stack intuition and 12+ years experience to create a roadmap that leads you through the landmines and drops you on the other side where your destiny and dreams are waiting.

Warning: Incite Sessions could spark a million things – a new offer idea, a list of "gotta stop doing this shit", a marketing automation overhaul, a new passionate direction for your vocation, a kick-in-the-ass bolt of lightning that motivates you to take action, a groovy new online empire.

Your Incite Session includes:

:: Thought-provoking questions - I'll email you them when you book your session. The simple act of completing these will open your eyes. They'll form the basis of our jam session.

:: Advanced research - I'll review your website as well as any other relevant sites about your work or industry so I can offer you more insight.

:: 60-minute consulting session for you and your rockstar business. You can invite others to the party, but be wary of doing this.

:: MP3 recording - I'll record the entire thing on this end and send you a copy.

Booking your Incite Session

Shoot me an email and tell me about you, your biz.  Give me your links. Your spiel. Your sparks of ideas. If I feel I can add value, we'll book your phone session.

Sessions are $250 USD to be paid upon booking. I'll send you a PayPal invoice.

I'll send you your questions. Think. Probe. Take your time. But send them back at least 2 days before the session.

Time to shine rockstar. We'll find untapped gold deposits in your business and figure out ways to gorilla glue people's eyeballs to your empire-to-be.

The MP3 will follow the call within 24 hours. 

Email Dawn