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Yes. This works for
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There's Just No Time!

Between working, raising kids, studying, trying to have a social life, spending time with their partner. And you’re convinced that you’ll never be able to follow in the footsteps of the top producers because you just don’t have the time.

Total Lack of Support

You know how your circle says they have your back, but when push comes to shove, they chuckle when you tell them your business is a priority.  Words “scheme” and “little side business” float out of everyone’s mouth.

I Can't Sell Anything

You’re oh so tired of pitching to family and friends. Your upline insists you start with your warm market because they’re low-hanging fruit but you’re positively over the lack of response, eye rolls, and getting ghosted.


Creating your dream home-based business is 100% achievable in today’s economy.  EVEN IF you don’t have the support you need. Let’s start this journey together with the right tools.

Let’s start with the official stuff.  I’ve worked with small-time local businesses and million-dollar companies.  I’ve spoken in front of intimate audiences and I did a 3-month stint training entrepreneurs for the Government of Ontario.  

I’ve been doing this “online thing” for over 13 years.  But when I first started, I knew absolutely nothing about business or internet marketing.  

My journey started when my son was 2 and the Avon lady at the Strawberry festival asked if I wanted a book.  I allowed her to come over, mostly because I wanted a discount on the stuff I was going to buy anyway and I wanted some adult conversation.  

I grew that business as fast as I could … it showed me what I loved and hated about network marketing and just how ugly the industry can be.  

I tore it all down to start my VA company.  I devoted myself to becoming a student of internet marketing, human psychology, and sales.  I love it so much, I spend most of my free time learning even more.

What I now know for sure is that network marketing – the way you’re taught now – doesn’t work.  Your hands are shackled by their rules.  Your upline regurgitates the same thing that’s been taught for decades.  I’ve fixed the struggles and overwhelm that other business owners faced, and now I’m here to do that with you.




Dawn Martinello

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