It can be tough to overcome that “shiny object” syndrome, especially when it seems that there are new “gurus” popping up everywhere and everyone has a different idea of what’s actually going to work.

The Zone of Engagement (ZOE) is comprised of 4 parts:

THE LIBRARY is where you will find all past training modules on things like social media, branding, internet marketing and running your business.

THE RESOURCE section is filled with my best on-the-fly downloads to keep you on track and moving forward.

THE COMMUNITY is a private networking forum to connect with other entrepreneurs just like you.

THE TRAINING PORTAL is where you’ll find the recordings of all Live Q+A training that is done (new training every month)


FREE DOWNLOAD: If you want your Facebook Live to be incredibly successful, you need to know exactly what to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your broadcast so you can get more traffic, more brand awareness and more leads. 4 pre-planning steps. 2 tips to increase conversation. 7 things you must do at the end of your live stream. 9 strategies to increase the reach of your show.

This is where the fun is at …

internet marketing and social media strategiesHey there! I’m Dawn, the (sometimes witty) voice behind this site.  I’m a single mom; having my son made me rethink my purpose and level of happiness that I wanted and needed.  It hasn’t always been easy.

I’ve been working with clients and students since 2009 and have been featured on The Mogul Mom, Startup Nation, The Art of Simple, CB Nation and One Million by One Million.

After making the changes Dawn suggested in my business, I saw more engagement immediately on Facebook and received a call from someone who was interested in Trevo! -Yusufali Jaffer

Follow along with over 10,000 other entrepreneurs where we discuss everything from mindset to business and everything in between.  Take a peek behind my life and business.  Every day you’ll find inspiration and motivation to build the business and live you’ve always wanted.  You’re worth it, right?

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