Oh hi there…


I’m Dawn Martinello (nice to meet ya!).  I’m The Systems Solutionist.

I help independent business owners turn passions into paycheques and feel more legit by untangling messy operations and turning them into simple systems that gives them more flexibility + money.


There are 5 billion tags attached to your contact list right now but you only know what 4 of them actually mean and there’s probably 3 versions of the same tag.

Remember that one time you forgot [Purchased Business Beacon] triggered a 10 email sequence and 458 people got half way through before someone finally emailed to tell you to screw off? 

Yeah, you’re in shambles. Let’s fix it while you still have the energy.  Instant FREE download + training ➡➡


I’ve been doing this “online thing” for almost 15 years. 

But when I first started, I knew absolutely nothing about business or internet marketing.

I’ve worked with mom and pop businesses and million-dollar companies.  I’ve spoken in front of intimate audiences and trained new entrepreneurs for the Government of Ontario.

I sold Avon in 2008.  I hated selling products but loved growing business owners.

I tore it all down to start a virtual assistant company and was fully supporting my family within 2 months.

I’m passionate about freelancers.  #BYOB

The network marketers and home-based businesses and the folks who just want to figure out how to work for themselves.  I 💖 YOU MOST OF ALL.

I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

I’ve fixed the struggles and overwhelm that other business owners faced, and now I’m here to do that with you.


I love getting to hang out with you and making a difference in your business and life!

Dawn quickly showed me the mistakes I was making on social media that were holding me back from getting the results I wanted. 

As soon as I made the changes she suggested, my engagement on Facebook shot up and I even got a call from someone who wanted to join my team!  

-Yusufali Jaffer, Trévo Consultant