You’re tired of posting the same old memes, quotes, and videos on social and not seeing engagement but you’re not sure how to repurpose your content the right way.

You spend a lot of time creating your weekly content but you’re not sure what else to do with it.

Today, you’re going to see how to take that one weekly video, podcast, or blog post and turn it into enough social media posts to fill the month.

You’ll see more engagement on your content, better results from your weekly piece, and best of all, you’ll spend far less time doing it.

Can you imagine having only one piece of content and using it to create an entire social media marketing plan?

It’s not only possible, but it’s EASY and super quick.

I could give you 100 ways to chop up and repurpose your content, but that’s not what you actually need.

When you learn HOW TO THINK about repurposing your content and really understand the WHY behind it, everything gets so much easier and you can move so much quicker.


Understanding The Social Media “REQUEUE”


I like Social Champ, but there are plenty of options when it comes to a social scheduler. What you really want to look for is the option to place your content in buckets so they can be reused.

Let’s say I have a collection of testimonials that I want to go out once a week on a Monday. I fill my collection with the testimonial posts I want to use then I tell Social Champ to send out one of those every Monday at 8 am.

It’s going to cycle through the content in that collection and post one on schedule.  If you need a schedule to repurpose your content, check this out.

Content Repurposing SPEED Buckets


I separate my content into 5 different buckets. I call them SPEED buckets because it definitely defines what I get from using them but it’s a great acronym too.

Well, OK, the acronym is actually SPPED, but whatever. 

The point is, it makes repurposing content a freaking breeze.


SHOWCASE: In this bucket, you want to put anything that “showcases” your talent, skills, and abilities. Testimonials work great here.

PERSONAL: When you remember that people go on social media to connect with people they know and to be entertained by cat videos, this bucket becomes easy. Show them who you are as a person.

PROMO: Yes my friend, you DO have to ask for the sale once in a while. But promo can also include your opt-ins, a free webinar you’re doing, or an affiliate offer you have.

ENGAGEMENT: Think cat videos. Think polarizing questions. Think yes or no questions. Anything that gets your audience to respond in some way goes here.

DIRECTION: Everyone has to believe something is true in order to buy something. Even paper towels. I have to believe that I have spills that need to be wiped up. I have to believe that paper towels are quick and easy to use. What does someone need to believe about you, your product, your service, or their problem in order to buy from you? These can be little teachable moments, but often it’s just a way to plant seeds that will give way to their “aha” moment that they need you.

Before you dive headfirst into that long list of ways to repurpose your content that you found after a late-night Google search, let’s set the foundation.

Without this, you end up trying to do EVERYTHING. That just leads to overwhelm, failure, and giving up.

No Bueno.

And I want you to understand the purpose behind all of these are so it makes it easier for you to find quality nuggets in your content without having to rely on some checklist.

Social Media Audience Foundation


What are you going to do?  (Facebook Live? YouTube Live?  Podcast?  Blog Post?)

When are you going to do it?  (Every Thursday at 10 am?)

Where does your target audience spend most of their time? (pick up to 3 platforms)


Understanding the WHY and HOW Behind Repurposing Your Content For Social Media


I admit I use Facebook Live because it’s easy and something I’m already familiar with.

But if I’m being brutally honest with you, it’s because part of me was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with creating good weekly content.

If I don’t get around to writing a blog post, there’s nothing going out that week. So even if my entire step-by-step process of creating these lives and all the marketing stuff that goes with it, I knew that I’d still be able to show up every Thursday at 10 am, go live and deliver really fucking good content.

Take what you need from that my friend.

Another reason I love doing Live Streams is that it gives the platform what it wants.

Facebook doesn’t want me sending people away from their stuff over to my blog post. They want their people to stay right where they are.

So even with a small following or audience, Live Streams allow you to reach more people organically because platforms reward you for “good behaviour”.

You’re doing something that will keep people around, they’ll show your video to more people.

But that doesn’t mean that you just show up, go live and have a million viewers.

DID YOU KNOW that most of your O.V. (Oomph Value) comes from the replay views?

Oh, but we still don’t rely on handouts people! We create the mother-f-ing future we want. And we do that by repurposing content.

Side Story: I tried to get my son to stop sucking his thumb for YEARS. I’d give the dentist a “wink-wink” when I asked if sucking his thumb was affecting his teeth.  I begged, I stole his stuffed kitty, I bribed him.


He was 7 when we went to the orthodontist who said very nonchalantly, yeah you’ve got to stop sucking your thumb buddy. It’s causing what we’re seeing on the x-rays. It’s easy to fix and you’re lucky you’re here now. I just saw someone who is 18 who’s sucked her thumb all her life too and the only way I can fix her teeth is surgery.


We walked out of that office and he never sucked his thumb again. All it took was another “touchpoint” of someone telling him the same thing, but the doc said it in a different way at the right time.

The same is true for your marketing. If you think writing A blog post, producing A video, doing A live stream is going to crank out the engagement and results, HA!

So we repurpose our content.

And not just throwing the same shit out over and over again.

We have to present it in different ways. Say the same thing in different ways. Say different things to grab their attention.


Imagine you could make the deal of a freaking lifetime with the BIGGEST, BADDEST, BEST CLIENT that would literally MAKE your business.

You can only use the information presented in your last video, but, rather than an hour, you only have 2 minutes with them and you can only tell them 3 things.

What would they be?

(hint: if you’re struggling, try thinking about your SPPED buckets)

Those 3 small tidbits can become quote cards, video snippets, or even GIFs.


You came up with a great title for your video, but how could you take that from a different angle?

The title for this blog is: How to Repurpose One Video into Months of Social Media Posts In Under An Hour.

You know what the big promise and teaching points are in your video, so it’s easy to take a stab at hitting on a different WANT that someone may have.

My original title is all about speed, but what if someone wanted more O.V. (oomph value) from their social media?

It then becomes:

How To Get More Engagement On Every Video You Do.

But it could also be: 

… Repurposing Content 101

… An Inside Look At How I Repurpose My Content 

… How To Build The Perfect Content Repurposing Schedule


From here I could…


• Do an Instagram Reel using a trending sound about how people send videos out into the world but never get any traction.

• Do a TikTok on how people SAY they want something, but aren’t willing to DO the work.


When you change the way you think about repurposing, everything gets so much easier!

How I Set Up My Weekly Facebook Live Events To Boost My Content Repurposing


I do weekly Facebook Lives.

Yes, there’s plenty of options that allow me to stream onto multiple platforms at once, but I’m a one-man show and that seems super stressful for me.

Could I do it? Yes.

But I know that as soon as I get too crazy, this will be the first thing that collapses, so instead, I focus on Facebook but make the other platforms aware of what I’m doing.


• Set up a Facebook Event -> this goes live on my business page.

• I share that event with my private Facebook group so they’re aware of the upcoming Livestream.

• I create a new post on LinkedIn talking about the problem I’m going to solve and simply ask a question – would you like this video?

• I send an email out to my list using either the P.A.S or A.I.D.A framework and ask a question – would you like this video?

How To Craft Social Media Post Ideas Before You Go Live


This seems counter-intuitive, but it REALLY speeds up the post-video work that I do.

If you’ve watched my other videos, you know that before walking into a new weekly Live, I’ve used Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis) to create emails, my extended show notes, and my video hook, intro, and outline.

I also have him generate 5 or so engaging questions that lend themselves REALLY well to creating social content afterward.

With my SPPED bucket document in front of me, I jot down ideas for each of the buckets.

I’m basically writing out a list of things I’m going to do after the video.

These 5 minutes save me SO MUCH TIME afterward.

If I didn’t do this, I would sit there for an hour after the video was finished trying to think of anything cool I said, any points I made, etc.

It’s like creating a packing list for a long trip – having it makes the packing quicker and smoother.

How To Repurpose Your Content On Social Media


I currently focus on Facebook and LinkedIn.

i) Because the full video is on Facebook, I need to snatch up to 15 minutes of video for LinkedIn.

I’m testing whether a shorter teaser works better than a 15-minute chunk, but if I’m short on time or ideas, I clip out the hook and intro .. maybe a couple of minutes into the actual video, and use that.

ii) The full video goes up onto YouTube.

I don’t have the bandwidth to put a heavy emphasis here, but it’s an easy share since I have a set description that is used in videos and then I just add a Jasper-created intro at the top.

iii) I make a lot of funny faces and talk with my hands so I quickly scan the video for some of the best ones so I can create fun gifs out of them.

This is not a huge time-suck for me, I just move the slider across while I’m watching for something silly.

Sometimes I’ll remember that I did something weird in the video – like last week I moved my camera and the kid’s Blue Bear was in view and I pointed to him.

iv) I use the extended show notes to do a few things:

          • remind me of the really juicy sections that I could pull out as a snippet
          • create quote cards
          • give me ideas for memes
          • Allows me to pick one of the talking points to use as a short video

My unwritten rule is to create one new post for each of my SPPED buckets every week.

BTW – that’s how I can get away with getting started with a social media marketing plan so quickly and easily in the beginning.

The Systems That Help Me Repurpose Content QUICKLY


Since I’m all about organization, systems, and processes, I have a full SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that takes me from ideas to final repurposing.

I also have a weekly template that I duplicate each week making it incredibly easy to fill out the details as I go.

I sit down once a month and create the 4-5 ideas that I’ll need for the following month, have Jasper write the headlines, blog post (extended show notes), video hook and intro, emails, and social prompts.

I use my Business Blueprints to make the writing portion easier.

These are templates I’ve created based on the 10+ years I’ve been in digital marketing and the dozens of courses I’ve taken over the years.

I’ve combined the marketing best practices with Jasper templates to make things go FAST.