I help freelancers, solopreneurs + home-based businesses stop trying to Google their way to success by showing them how to turn themselves into digital superheroes that can take over the world from their living rooms.


In 2007, I started a direct selling business because I had a newborn baby and the nice woman at the fair offered to meet me at my house with a catalog and some samples.  I just wanted some adult conversation.

2 years later, I left it all behind because the industry was broken.  Even though I easily grew my business, most people spent more than they made and followed their uplines outdated and obsolete advice of knocking on doors and working through their 100’s list. 

I knew the industry needed to be disrupted, but I wasn’t sure how.

For the past 15 years, I’ve worked with some of the greatest digital brands and have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours learning everything about internet marketing, business systems, human psychology and branding.


My virtual assistance business was jam packed with clients within 6 months of opening my doors and as my talents and knowledge of internet marketing and business systems grew, I started taking on clients who needed digital project management and business strategy.  I’ve worked with entrepreneurs who have launched books that brought in 6-figures and million dollar companies.  

But my heart was still linked to my direct sales roots.

Seeing homebased businesses and freelancers struggle broke my heart. 

The overwhelm, frustration and eventual closures broke me because I knew how to fix all of it for them.

Getting them to listen and take purposeful action was a different story. 

In a post-covid world with a recession breathing down our necks, we are sitting at the greatest moment of time for entrepreneurs.

My name is Dawn Martinello.  I founded Incite + Velocity to support home-based businesses, solopreneurs, freelancers and network marketers who are super passionate about creating a business and life that they love by making it as easy as possible for them to launch and grow a lucrative online presence by showing them how to build a brand that has people willingly and eagerly engaging with them and whipping out their credit cards.

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help you.

Get your email marketing tag strategy under control.  If you didn’t start with a STRONG plan to tell the story of your customers journey, get this free spreadsheet now.

You’re a busy business owner.  You’re juggling everything in your biz & you’re feeling overwhelmed. End writer’s block, craft the perfect response to that customer or just find a new marketing angle. The possibilities are endless. There’s a learning curve to AI so I spent a week deep diving into ChatGPT so you wouldn’t have to. 

Ready to become a digital superhero?  I know that there is NO BETTER TIME in the history of the internet than RIGHT NOW to start building your business.