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2016-03-24_1337I needed savvy business support, and knowing you had worked with Danielle LaPorte in the past, I figured you had what it took.  Dawn is reliable, has a high level of integrity and is incredibly personable.  It was a fabulous investment!  –Melissa D’Antoni, Fire Tree Studios


alexandra franzenConfession: until (very) recently, I know absolutely zilch about affiliate marketing. So when a brand-new client asked me to ramp up her affiliate program, I turned to Dawn. Within an hour, she had meticulously (and patiently) walked me through the entire process. I’d recommend Dawn’s training services to anyone who enjoys feeling like a pro, instead of a dolt.  -Alexandra Franzen,

audrey-mclaughlinDawn’s Brand Yourself Strategy Session is the most comprehensive, personalized & action-oriented map to changing and creating growth in my business that I have ever experienced. After implementing just a few of her action-items, I have already seen curiosity and interaction in my business soar. She analyzed my business and gave direction as if she were my heart-centered CEO. -Audrey McLaughlin,

2016-03-22_2222Dawn came highly recommended and when I looked at her website, I was confident that she was up to the challenge. I love working with her! I feel completely at ease knowing that she is supporting me + my biz. She comes up with great ideas to improve efficiency or flow that I didn’t even know about.  She is essentially my right hand + my left brain! I am so grateful to have her as my project manager.  –Hibiscus Moon, Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

2016-03-24_1346You really gave me so much new (and renewed) excitement and motivation. You were outrageously prepared and excited for our call, and that enthusiasm was catching. Like a fiery case of the energy flu. Not only that, you gave me new ideas that weren’t only stellar in their own right, but that left room for me to grow them in new ways on my own.  -Leslie, Crunchy Betty

TMBJust watched the first video. Wow! I learned so much already.   – Lisa Schlichting, Target Market Bootcamp attendee

I loved the workshop.  It really opened my eyes.  – Carol Gomez, Target Market Bootcamp attendee

Grace QuantockI am still so super jazzed from our call.  You are so kind and clever and lovely to talk to. It is all so exciting and accessible now.  I swear, Dawn can find gold and good ideas in anything. You think it isn’t going to work and don’t know where to begin – speak to her and suddenly things become clear and you have a right hand to get you through and guide you, turning the ideas into being.  -Grace Quantock,

2016-03-24_1333I hired Dawn after my prior VA “retired”. You won’t find that she’s the cheapest VA .. not by a long shot but she gets the job done and she’s cheerful (there’s a lot to say about working with someone who doesn’t take everything to heart). There’s the overseas VA’s who are cheap and you have to man-handle them, then there’s the professionals like Dawn.  –David Risley, Blog Marketing Academy

heather allardWHOA – your writing is A W E S O M E. I love the confident tone and actionable advice. You seriously made my damn weekend.  – Heather Allard, The Mogul Mom



2016-03-24_1322We have many local VA’s here but gotta tell you that you by far have impressed me and the ladies love you, your website (it rocks!!!) and apparently your twitter feed also.  -Säbeen Haque, Ladies Who Launch Toronto


Kacy PaideThe little things I needed to do to grow my business were adding up.  I’ve stopped ignoring all the little tasks and instead just forward them to Dawn. It leaves me so much more time to create. She’s incredibly reliable and incredibly fast – she completes things in a faction of the time it would take me. I trust her completely to communicate with my clients.  –Kacy Paide, The Inspired Office

Roslynn TellvikI *love* that you raise the bar for all of us with your sweet (and by sweet I mean surfer sweet, as in sweet dude), engaging, and useful online presence.  -Roslynn Tellvik,


pamela smithShe was engaging, on top of her game and focused on making sure I was a satisfied customer.  She didn’t disappoint and went above and beyond my expectation. The whole experience, from beginning to end, was a great one.  -Pamela Smith, GW Health Group Inc.