1:1 coaching for digital entrepreneurs


  • I’m committed to going the extra mile to assist you in reaching your goals and desired outcomes. Together, we’ll pinpoint solutions and explore suggestions, drawing from my personal experience, training, and the information at hand. I’m here to offer guidance and options to help you succeed.

  • It’s important to give the terms a look-over and I know you’re going to do that.  Plus, you’re cool with the fact that not reading won’t fly as an excuse if any issues pop up.

  • It’s on you to drive your own success during our coaching sessions.  Because coaching outcomes can vary, you understand there’s no guarantee of specific results but I promise to give you everything I have. Like any business venture, there’s a risk, and hitting your goals isn’t guaranteed through coaching alone.



TERMS: Coaching isn’t a quick-fix solution, so although it’s not mandatory, I suggest all new clients consider a 3-month coaching commitment. I’m such a believer in it there’s even a discount if you decide to go for it.

SCHEDULING: We’ll plan out all coaching sessions in advance.

FREE VOXER ACCESS: I’m around Monday to Friday, regular business hours (EST, excluding Canadian Holidays) on Voxer. Feel free to reach out for quick chats between sessions without any extra cost—whether it’s for addressing concerns, celebrating wins, or just keeping each other in the loop!

FEES: Monthly private coaching includes four weekly 45-minute calls, and you’ve got two payment options:

  1. A one-time payment of $2700 for three months of private coaching.
  2. $1000 per month.


REFUNDS: Once you’ve sent in your coaching payment, it’s non-refundable—no two ways about it.  If you play by the rescheduling rulebook, you can shift those fees to later sessions. If, by some chance, there’s a refund on the horizon, know that it’s entirely at my discretion.

RESCHEDULING: Once you’ve set your session, sticking to it is appreciated. If you have to shuffle things around, shoot an email over to with at least 24 hours heads-up. Cancelling with less than 24 hours notice or not showing up for your session will forfeit your payment for the session and rescheduling won’t be an option.

Please do your best to arrive on time. I’ll hang tight for 5 minutes after our scheduled time, but after that, I’ll consider it a no-show. If you roll in late, no worries, but we won’t be tacking on extra time to the end of the session.

Emergencies within the 24-hour reschedule policy timeline are an exception, but it’s crucial not to cancel a coaching session simply because you didn’t do your homework. High performers uphold the commitments they make to themselves.


While I do my best to represent coaching sessions and their potential accurately, there’s no guarantee (express or implied) that you’ll make money using the techniques and ideas discussed. Any examples I share are not promises or guarantees of earnings. Your success hinges on you—your ideas, execution, and techniques. The time you invest, your financial situation, knowledge, and skills all play a role in determining your results. Since everyone’s circumstances are different, I can’t assure your success or income level, and I’m not accountable for your actions.


I’m all in to ensure you have a positive coaching experience. When you purchase coaching sessions, you acknowledge that, at my discretion, I reserve the right to end this agreement without a refund or waiving any outstanding payments if things get disruptive, and it becomes challenging to collaborate or if there’s a violation of any terms in our contract.


Personal or business information that we may discuss during your sessions will be treated as confidential. It will not be disclosed to a third party without your green light, except where the law requires otherwise.



I’m not clocking in as your employee, agent, lawyer, manager, therapist, financial wizard, or any other title with a fancy ring to it. I’m here to dish out my personal and professional opinions. Finding you a job, sealing the deal on sales, crunching numbers for taxes? Not my gig. Publicity, media exposure, or an intro to my contacts? Nope, not on the guaranteed menu. Once our coaching agreement wraps up, so does our official business relationship – but let’s stay friends anyway.



When you finalize payment through one of the options below, you’re telling me you’ve gone through every bit of this page and are totally on board with the terms and conditions.  Coaching session payments renew automatically but you can cancel at any time.  Just so you know, your PayPal and/or credit card statements will display “Monday Morning VA” for your receipts.