Viking Saga #3 – Shield Making Class

The line is drawn in the sand.  Bad guys on one side.  Badder guys on the other.  What’s the best line of defense?  A shield wall.

You can imagine that if there were no shields or maybe only one, you’d be up shits creek without a paddle.  But when you have 30 men lined up with their shields protecting everyone under them, it’s a pretty good defensive line. 

If one of the men holding a shield is killed and you lose the shield you still have 29 other protective shields. But how do you protect yourself in a similar way within your business?  


If each of those shields was a way for you to make money, they become a source of protection.  Obviously, I don’t recommend rushing out and offering 20 different products or offers all at once.  

But lucky for us, our actual lives aren’t hanging in the balance with this one.  You need to make one good, solid shield and work from there.  

​​If you try to produce 5 different products and 3 good service offers all at once I don’t care how good you are – they’re going to be garbage.

I don’t want anyone running back to me telling me that this doesn’t work.  So let’s make sure that we’re producing quality stuff that’s going to hold up when we take an arrow, yes?​​

​​Now there’s a couple of ways you can approach this.

​​1.  Create an outline for what you want to offer and presell it.  This is amazing for those of you who are thinking of offering a course or class.  There’s nothing worse than spending days, weeks or even months creating something just to find out it doesn’t sell.

2.  Look at the things your audience has been asking for and make those.  Be honest with yourself here.  If they haven’t been asking specifically for something, you’re running the risk of creating something they don’t actually need. Look back at the questions that people ask.  Determine if it really is a PROBLEM for them.  I ask a million questions about just about everything but it doesn’t mean it’s a big enough problem for me to pay to solve.​​


Choose one of the 2 options from above and start brainstorming.  Actually write your ideas down and note the “worthiness” of each one.  ​​​​Share that in my Facebook Group.  You’re going to need to keep this list handy for the next 2 days lessons.

Speaking of which, over the next 2 lessons I’m going to teach you how to LOOT and we’ll look at some NAVIGATION tips and techniques.  You won’t want to miss it!