Have you ever wondered why more people aren’t signing up for your home-based business?

I’ve talked to A LOT of network marketers over the past decade and believe me when I say that every single one of them ask themselves the same question.

Even when you see people signing up like crazy under them and they’re ranking faster than you thought possible, I guarantee I can give them a tip or two on how to make it even better.

Go ahead and watch my video first so you can understand what you have to stop doing if you want to start making more money in your home-based business.

There’s 2 things about selling that you have to understand especially if you’re going to do this on social media.

People don’t go on Facebook to buy things.

Think about your own social media accounts.  Did you sign up for Twitter or Facebook or Snapchat so that you could find a better skin care product?  No.  You did it so you could connect with people you know.  So you could share tidbits about your life with the people around you.  So why would you think that you would start to increase sales or find more people to sponsor if you started posting a shit-ton of pictures, links and sales.

I know your upline is telling you that this is what you have to do.  They’ve got the advice right (you have to tell a story, create relationships and connect with people) but their methods are dead wrong.

We can’t blame them.  They were once in your shoes and the vast majority of them have absolutely no background in sales, online businesses or internet marketing.

People hate MLM companies

No one wants to hear this, but that’s a big, fat reality.  There’s a stigma attached to MLM that it’s a pyramid scheme.  Can you guess what happens when you start posting about your company?  If you’re lucky, they’ll just scroll right past your post.  Some people, while they remain “friends” on Facebook, actually stop following you (meaning they no longer see your posts unless they specifically go to your page).  I’ve seen people unfriend people because they’re sick of seeing the latest and greatest product that was just posted.  If you’re really unlucky, they’ll report you to Facebook for breaking the terms of service since a business can’t promote itself on a personal profile.

In the video, I show you exactly how I teach people to build their home-based businesses.  I’ve seen enough people quit, companies close and reps get “fired” to know that if you’re really interested in building a strong, viable business, you need to future proof it.  I’ve applied the same principles to my own business over the past 10 years.

Ugh, I don’t get it

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