I spend a lot of time talking about mindset with my 13-year-old, especially now that he’s been home from school for the past month.  Thinking small can break the spirits of just about anyone and when it comes to business, it can be a very slow, painful death.

I believe it’s imperative right now that we’re not trying to hold ourselves down out of fear or by simply being complacent.

If you see yourself in any of these, let’s talk, k?

1.  You’re content with your business even if it’s not contributing to your household needs in a meaningful way.  You may not be 100% content, but if you’re not and you’re not making moves to change this, it’s a problem.

2.  You have no goals in your business.  Or you’ve already blown them out of the water.  Or you’re just about to hit those goals.

3.  When you think about taking a week, two weeks, three weeks off from your business you get heart palpitations and consider dialing 9-1-1. There’s no WAY you could ever do that.

4.  It never even occurred to you that you could be doing better or that you could grow it bigger.

5.  The number of customers coming in far outweighs the amount of marketing effort you’re putting out.  This one is a real brain tickler.  When we have a lot of customers we think that business is booming and we’re doing everything right.  In reality, it’s like going to the gym and doing the exact same workout every day using the exact same weight-load every day.  Yes, you can go in and pump it out without much effort … but is it really doing you any good?

6. You’re always busy, but never seem to get anything accomplished in your business. You always seem to be caught up in the minutia of life and business but never really in the big picture stuff.

7.  You’re relying on one platform for the generation of all your leads and connecting with your audience.  

8.  When you think of marketing, you think more about “list size” than “audience”.  When you stop thinking of your list as people with needs and wants and desires, you’ve lost the game.  Everything we do in business is about serving others – not feeling good about our list size or the number of followers on social media.

9.  At least half of your income or revenue is generated by one or two clients.  Or you only have one way of earning money.  This article is geared towards network marketers but it doesn’t matter what kind of business you run – putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea.

10.  You plan far more than you actually produce.  You have lists of things that you want to get accomplished; you might even have these big plans sketched out in pretty great detail.  But it never moves beyond that.

We’ve almost got another week under our belts – I hope you’ve used your time wisely and moved your business and life forward in some way.  If not, let’s figure out what’s holding you back.