I was never really active .. never went to the gym, didn’t play sports, but just under a year ago, I was pushing 41 wanted to make a change.  As a single mom, one of my worst fears is something happening to me leaving no one to raise my kiddo.

I started working with a trainer and took up judo alongside of my son.  I loved it so much, I walked into a jiu jitsu club and signed up there too.  See, when I get something into my head, I kind of tear through it like wildfire.

I wanted to get (and stay) healthy but it turned into so much more.

nobody is a warrior

Almost every week, I stumble home with a new bruise, a broken toe or a pulled muscle.  Sometimes people stare at the bruises on my face, arms or legs. Sometimes the people around me ask me why I bother.

The reality is, when I walk onto the mats everything else drifts away.  I’m not worried about money, or a fight my ex husband picked with me, or the pile of laundry that’s sitting in my basement.  I’m worried about finishing this last rep perfectly.  I’m remembering to breath when someone has me in cross guard.  I’m running through the arm and foot placement of the throw.

The bruises, the injuries, pfft .. they’ll heal.  What you gain from learning something new and applying it day in and day out, learning how strong your mind and body really is – that’s the stuff that changes you forever.

bruised not broken martial arts

While people try to understand why I intentionally do this to myself, I’m basking in learning a new technique or beaming because I just upped the weights I use for shoulder presses.  It’s the little things that can make the most major impact.

The things I learn on the mats are the same thing I apply to my business life:

Stay in the moment.  Breathe.  Look for your next move.  Repeat.

A few weeks back, a client and I sat down in our weekly meeting.  We discussed how the company has grown.  She needed a full time employee and even if it was a possibility (it’s not since they’re in the US and I’m not) darling, that’s just not me.  I started my company to get out of the traditional 9-5 so in the fall, we’re mutually parting ways.

At first, it was a shocking realization since the money I earn from that one client pays all the bills (talk about terror).  But when I really thought about what was happening, the opportunities that were being presented to me, I knew it was the Universe’s kick to my ass to move me onto the next level.

Maybe you missed hearing the inspirational case study.  You’ll not only see how I began my company in 2009 with $20 and a Twitter account, without a support system and without any education/training, but you’ll also see my mindset shift on this huge blow to my business.

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