You joined your network marketing company because you were excited about the products and the potential to create a residual income. But now you feel stuck, frustrated, and alone. You don’t know who to turn to for support and guidance.

Direct sellers are looking for a way out. They’re tired of their day job, they’re fed up with not having enough money, and they’re desperate for a change. So when someone comes along and tells them that they can make money by sharing a product they love, they jump at the opportunity!

The ugly truth is that most people in Network Marketing quit in the first 2 years because spend more than they earn, lose their support system and never receive the right support from their upline to make it in today’s digital-first world.

The Ugly Truth About Your Network Marketing Upline.


The reality is that if you want to be successful in network marketing, you need to find an upline who understands the new way of marketing online and can help guide you to success. Unfortunately, most people never receive this type of support because most uplines don’t truly understand internet marketing.

It’s not their fault – they didn’t go to school for it and they certainly aren’t taught it by the district managers or their own uplines.

So what do you do if you’re feeling stuck and don’t have any support above you? You turn to the internet. There are online communities and groups of people who have been where you are and can offer you guidance and support.

The problem with most of these communities is that they focus on the things that you’re already being taught – how to create and properly connect with your 100’s list, how to share stories on social media, how to keep your business a secret while creating curiosity – and they reinforce how to do it wrong.

Why You’re Struggling


Maybe you’re new to internet marketing. Your upline probably doesn’t understand marketing (or can’t keep up with the trends and changes in internet/social media marketing). It’s not their fault – they weren’t taught anything either. They’re only teaching you what worked for them.

Every entrepreneur needs a support system, but more often than not, our family and friends automatically dismiss MLM as a pyramid scheme that doesn’t work, perhaps they shame you. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who has a support system, it doesn’t last very long when they see how much you’re spending and how little you’re bringing in.

You’re stuck in a negative cycle. You keep pushing forward, you don’t see success, you don’t want to admit to your partner or friends that this is a joke, so you keep pushing forward trying the same things. Your upline might offer some new strategies, but they’re still often outdated.

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Don’t Rely On Your Company


Your MLM corporate company has a direct interest in you doing well, but they have numbers on their side. Corporate has its own focus and they aren’t experienced in building a personal business. They have to play the odds.

Can you imagine the logistical nightmare if they tried to teach millions of people how to build their own websites? Just the tech support alone would do them in let alone trying to teach representatives what to put on their website.

Email marketing is effective, but it’s more than just setting up ActiveCampaign and showing you how to send an email. They would need to teach you the basics of relationship and permission-based marketing, copywriting skills, and human psychology.

Not only that, network marketing is enticing because of the low barrier to entry. It’s often (relatively) inexpensive and EASY to get started.

Now, imagine if they said that I’d also have to figure out how to build my own website, choose and purchase a domain name and web hosting, learn about target marketing and copywriting, choose an email CRM and get started on all the social media channels you can.


So instead, they give you the bare minimum. Here’s your kit and start talking to the people you know.

But in the challenge lies the opportunity. Most people won’t ever do what’s really necessary to make it online. They’re too scared, don’t know how to do it, think it’s going to cost too much … and most importantly, they don’t have the support system in place to guide them.

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Find A Supportive Community


One of the reasons I loved going to the Avon meetings every month was because I had a group of people just like me. Some were doing better than me, there was always someone brand new, and others were just like me – making some money and learning the ropes.

I needed that community because the support system at home was non-existent. In the 15 years I’ve been building businesses online, the one common thread in success is always COMMUNITY.

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Showing Up As YOU


When you create a personal brand for your direct sales business, you’re taking the focus off your company and products and putting it on you. You are becoming the expert.

People hate being sold to. We have laser-like radar and we can sense a sales pitch coming from a mile away. You might think you’re being clever catching up with an old high school friend, but trust me – they know somethings up. People will buy from and do business with people that they like and trust. It’s up to you to earn that from them.

We’re not shoving products down their throat. We’re not constantly promoting ourselves. You show up as authentically you, share your story, be transparent and HUMAN, educate and entertain.

What To Do Next


Now you know what roadblocks are in front of you which means you have the opportunity to do something about them. Choose your community and support party carefully – with the right tools, know-how and support you really can achieve anything.

Every week I do new trainings just like this one. 

Next week I’ll show you what it actually means to show up as “authentically you”.  I’m also going to give you some hard-hitting truths about the biggest roadblock in your business – your TIME and your KIDS. Then, at the end of the month, I’m going to bring it all together and give you the 5 step formula to create a personal brand that converts fans into customers.

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