Viking Saga #6: Plunder Like A Pro

Vikings were a terrifying sight to behold.  They were experts when it came to navigation armed with iron weapons and pretty advanced military tactics.  Their boats were faster than anything else which meant that if you saw one, you had inside of an hour before they had landed and were raiding your village.  

Definitely not enough time to gather up an army but just enough that you could crap your pants and maybe say a prayer or two to the Gods.

From the stories I’ve read, smart people would run and hide.  Seems a little cowardly but Vikings rarely lost and it’s probably better that you let them have this win and take what they want so you’re left with your life.  

But some people would actually drag out their valuables as a means of buying off the Vikings. 

I mean, that’s pretty smart thinking really.  The Vikings show up and they’re going to win so how can I spin this so I end up in the most favourable position?  Yeah, if you hide, there’s a chance you’ll still “win” but let’s try to stack those odds a little more right?

So Vikings showed up for one thing, did a quick pivot when they arrived and ended up with, more or less, exactly what they wanted anyway.


When COVID-19 hit, we were completely unprepared.  Who would have ever thought that the entire world would be shut down?  Not me.  People were left without jobs and those that still had jobs often had to pivot quickly in order to keep a roof over their heads and food in their tummies.

In many cases, it was a relatively small change.  Like a restaurant shutting it’s doors to eat-in customers and only allowing drive-thru and delivery.  Or a retail store not allowing in-store purchases, but you could order online or phone your order in and then pick it up curbside.  

But what about places that didn’t have that relatively simple option?  Museum Hack was one of those companies.  The business was pretty awesome – they did virtual private group tours of museums which is obviously not something they could keep doing.  

They had one hell of an about-face by creating and adding Virtual Team Building activities.  Honestly, go take a look at them even if you’re a team of 1 because they’re absolutely amazing.  

From tiny campfires, online games, and trivia night to a coffee vs tea party, murder mysteries, and workshops.

During your adventures so far, you’ve learned a lot that has led you to this point and you have to choose one of two forks in the road.

A – Close up shop until things get back to normal.  

B – Figure out how to pivot so you can stay open in a new way.

Above all, make sure that what you’re working on is really important.  If you chose the second fork, this could look like a lot of different things:

  • In a recent email, I talked about what photographers can do right now and you can follow suit.  Focus your efforts on list building and engaging with your audience.  Make an amazing offer that people can buy now and cash-in later.
  • Take your in-person service and create a class or membership around how to do it.  Or offer yourself as a mentor to those just starting out in your industry.
  • If you’ve got skills that people who are now working from home need, offer them up!  Are you a whiz at virtual communication?  Teach a class on effective team meetings.  
  • Or consider bailing and doing a complete 180.  If you’re a great cook or baker, start selling some of your goodies.  


Tell me if your business has been “status quo” since the lockdown or if you’ve had to take things in a new direction. 

If you’re not status quo, create a list of things that you could pivot to if you needed to.  Start planning how to take those next steps.

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