Ready for me to boil this entire page down to one sentence?

In one way or another, I make money from everything I do and write on this blog.

It’s intentional.
It pays the bills.
I’m cool with that.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind while you’re reading this site:

  1. sometimes comments escape my spam filter and could possibly link to some pretty raunchy sites. if it’s a crazy porn site, it’ll be deleted; but if it’s just some well placed profanity, then avert your eyes. You’ve been warned.
  2. sometimes the people who comment on this site don’t agree with you. that’s okay. put on your big girl pants. friendly banter in the comments is always welcome.
  3. sometimes we won’t agree. that’s okay too. feel free to challenge me. since I won’t be turning off the comments any time soon, nasty comments are subject to karmic menace (and removal).
  4. sometimes, I change my mind. consider it the consequence of having an open mind. or being a woman.
  5. you can bet donuts to dollars that when I do a review, there’s some kind of financial interest in it. Cash. Loot. A shout-out.  A connection.  It’s business, baby.
  6. my thoughts and opinions have no bearing on those of my clients. and if I ever say something stupid, the stupidity belongs to me.
  7. if you send me an email, tweet, or comment on the site, I own it. {okay, not really, but be forewarned that I may use anything you send to me in my books, sessions, or blog}


I’m going to make a million bucks because of the goods in my brain not because I review a site or product. Any review, shoutout or affiliate link that you might find here is because I either use and love the product, or I trust the person or product.

Please don’t poop on my parade.

Just because someone thinks I’m cool enough to send their goods to for a review doesn’t mean it’s getting a raving review.  

That’s just bad business.  Refer to the first point above.  I’m not about to ruin my good business name just to make a few bucks or get some free swag.