Facebook Group Rules

(not yet a part of my super VIP group for folks who want to use digital marketing and social media to super boost their home business? Head here: www.facebook.com/groups/brandsoldiers)

There’s only 4 simple rules.

1. Be helpful.
If you want to really stand out in the group, help others. You’ll be noticed. This group is definitely a 2-way street.

2. Self promotion is a no-fly zone.
There’s special days to toot your own horn, because you’re awesome. If you have to ask if something is considered self-promotion, it probably is.  It’s everything from soliciting sales/customers, pitching your latest free event or blog post, posting affiliate links or sharing links from your social accounts.

3. Be active.
Make friends, respectively disagree with people, share your own spin.

4. In general, don’t be an ass.
Seriously. The energy you bring in here is your own & you’re responsible for it.