Hey you. 

As an expert on the rise, you know that having a successful marketing strategy is all about consistency. 

I know, I know .. it seems like the work never stops and there’s never enough time in the day but I want to give you 5 secret elements to content batching that you can implement right away to make it easier and way more effective.

Do this right and can say goodbye to the stress and overwhelm plus you’ll have way more visibility which means more leads and sales for you. 

Are you ready?  



Do you know what happens when you go into the grocery store without a SOLID plan?

You walk in knowing you need to make dinner, but you’re tired and hungry. You have no list. You know you want to make dinner but you don’t know WHAT you want to make.

You walk out with a car full of snacky foods … and absolutely nothing that you can make for dinner.

Your content strategy is no different!


If you have any kind of engaged following on social media or an email list, you can start by asking them.

But what if you don’t?

Here’s 3 things anyone can do (for free!) in the next 10 minutes to find the best content you should be writing about.

1. Find a list of books on Amazon in your niche/industry.

The titles are going to give you a great broad subject idea.

Now go into the reviews – that’s where people are more likely to say specific things about the book like this book helped me ditch my procrastinating ways and made me more productive.

Turn that into a topic, like this:  How to be more productive when you’re a card-carrying procrastinator.

Also look for what people are saying that they wished was in the book. This is an information gap you can fill.

If they say, I bought this book thinking it was going to give me specific recipes for breakfast that I could eat while on Keto -> turn it into a content idea.

Your topic turns into: 5 Easy To Make Keto Breakfasts That You’re Going To Love Eating.


Content Marketing starts with good research
Content Marketing requires you to fill in content gaps

2.  Go to AnswerThePublic.com

When we do marketing research, we always ask, “what’s your biggest struggle” or “what keeps you up at night”.

You’ll get some insight into your market by doing this, but can I tell you a secret?

They aren’t going to be as brutally honest as you need them to be because you’re right there watching. Or, in the case of online marketing, reading afterwards.

If you ever wrote in a diary as a kid – there were things in there that you would never tell a soul. You might tell your BFF a version of it, but never the deep, dark, hidden stuff.

Want to know what the 2022 internet equivalent to your 7th grade diary??

Google Searches.

Now, there is a paid plan, but it’s pricey. The free plan gives you 2 or 3 searches each day. Type in a keyword related to your business and it will show you what people are searching on Google for.



Use Social Media and Google Searches to find content creation ideas

3.  Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok (or any other social media platform)

Social media content is a literal goldmine when it comes to research as long as you know how to use them for your blog post and videos.

You know I’m all about teaching you HOW to think – not WHAT to think.

You’re looking for trends and ideas – not something to copy. If people are sharing, commenting, and loving on something on social media, it’s a pretty good indication that the topic is hitting home for them.

If that’s all you got in you – it’s an AMAZING step because the “BEST” content marketing plan is one that’s done.  


If you’re following my C.O.R.E framework (plan for conversions, one thing once a week, repurpose, and engage) you’re going to need 4-5 ideas for the month but I like to keep all of the ideas I come up with on one document even if I’m not going to use them right now.

There’s a way better reason than just having to do less research next month.

Let me explain …


If you want to take your content planning a step further, you’ll want to be a little more strategic in what content you’re going to post.

Let’s break that down.  

First, determine what your focus is going to be for the month – it can be any kind of conversion.  For me this could be:

  • Subscribing to the Get It Done Content Planning and Creation Execution Club
  • Signing up for my free Entrepreneur’s Vault
  • Registering for an upcoming Masterclass I’m doing
  • Or even getting into my Facebook group or subscribing to my YouTube Channel.

Next, I try to think of any objections someone might have and that helps me to direct my content.

For example, if people always tell me NO because they don’t have enough time as it is, I’m going to try to do a video on productivity. Then I look back at my research and see how to combine the thing they’re searching for and the common objections.

Let’s say my research turns up this topic:

How to exercise when you’re pregnant.

I know an objection I hear often is “I’m too busy”, so I’m going to find juicy ways to combine those 2 things.

Your Pregnancy Shouldn’t Slow You Down: 5 Ways To Find 30 Minutes In Your Day This Week

See how EASY it is?!


Once a month, I sit down and write all of my content for the entire month.

And I mean everything.  

Emails, subject lines, blog posts, social media posts for Facebook and LinkedIn, video scripts, video descriptions, event descriptions, hashtags. PLUS I also create the graphics I’ll need for Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

And I do all of it in under 5 hours (4 if it’s a shorter month!).

It never used to be this way – it would take me hours just to write one blog post. I’d scramble to do everything else and half the time, most of it wouldn’t get done.

That’s why I always dropped creating content and I truly believe that it was the biggest downfall of growing and scaling my business.

Consistently creating content that educates, entertains, or evokes emotion in your audience is everything.


If you want super-specific details on how I repurpose (and PRE-purpose) my content right now (it’s just me, I’m not on every flipping platform and it’s all done in less than an hour a week), you can watch this video where I break it all down here.

When you’re putting together your repurposing strategy, it HAS to be something that you can manage.

If you plan to create 50 quote cards, 37 new GIFs, and 14 video snippets every month .. guess what the fuck happens.


Start small. If you’re doing Facebook Live videos (like I do), then pick ONE place to repurpose to in the beginning.

If the only thing you can do right now is trim your video and pop it onto YouTube .. then that’s your strategy for right now.

It’s better to be consistent and do less than to be inconsistent trying to do everything.


I wasn’t super affected (work-wise) when the pandemic hit. I’ve been working from home for almost 15 years. But I did find that I didn’t get dressed up as often, didn’t do a full face of makeup as often, and my hair spent far more time in a bun.

That makes it really hard to get the “nice” pictures and videos that everyone seems to want for their social media.

So here’s what I do instead.

And P.S. … this is why it’s SO IMPORTANT to plan your content!

Every Thursday, I go live on Facebook. I put on my makeup, I fix up my hair (usually) and I feel super glamourous.

Then I take 15 or 20 minutes and put my phone through the biggest workout of it’s life.

I take selfie’s, I take videos, I make silly faces.  I grab my kid and take pictures. I grab my cats and take pictures. I go outside and snap away.

I go absolutely bonkers and end up with dozens and dozens of videos and photos.

Now, I have a plethora of videos and images that I can do almost anything with.

When I need a new photo of myself for some bio, I have it. I want to do a few new GIFs – I have the videos to pull from. Need a new thumbnail for a video – BOOM.  Already have something. Two weeks from now I have a random idea that involves cats and business … well I have that too.

Check out some of the GIFs I created within seconds after recording this video:


If you’re already head over heels in love with the idea of batching your content so you can create amazing weekly content that actually converts, then here’s your next step.

Some folks might just want to run with what they’ve learned here and they will do AMAZING things with it and I’ll be cheering you on.

But if you’re not 100% positive that you can hold yourself accountable to GET SHIT DONE, then ask yourself …