time management tips for entrepreneurs

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs: Free Video!

Everyone is always looking for time management tips for entrepreneurs so today, I went live on my Facebook page to give you some of my top tips on things like:

  • How to properly use your calendar (most people are doing this wrong)
  • Get better sleep by planning and reviewing your day at night
  • Learn that “good enough” is far better than perfection
  • Why multi-tasking and to-do lists are killing your productivity (because there’s no such thing as work-life balance)
  • How to get your family involved in your business

Watch the video to hear all my tips.  Tomorrow, I’ll be LIVE again at 11am EST talking about target marketing.

Don’t forget to register for the free webinar happening on Wednesday December 15th.  Brand Soldiers are going to band together to understand how to recruit online so you can find new customers and team members every single day.