How to: Create products and services that sell themselves

By the end of today, you’ll know the secrets behind knowing more about your buyer than they know about themselves.
This program is perfect for direct sales marketers, small businesses, solo entrepreneurs or anyone else who wants to understand why determining a target market is the absolute KEY to building a profitable and sustainable business.  


Do you wish there was a secret system to figuring out exactly who your customer is so your products and services just sell themselves and fly off the shelves?  NOW there is!

You’ll learn the exact things you need to do, think, and say – and the best part is that ANYONE can do this no matter what level your business is in .. even if you’ve been in business for years.
I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs struggle with their business simply because they don’t know how to talk to their customers.  It’s one of the biggest reasons that businesses fail!  The good news is that when you know who your right Target Market is, everything else becomes a piece of cake.

I know, because I was there.  In 2009 when I started my business, my original target market was “Online Entrepreneurs”.  Even when I thought I’d start targeting Avon/Direct Sales Representatives, my marketing was a blazing failure.  Sound familiar?

Everyone I’ve talked to that has been down that same road had the exact same problem: they had no idea how to really determine their target market or how to talk to them once they found them.

I know just how you feel

This class is made for:
  • out of the gate entrepreneurs who have not yet begun their business but want to ensure they can start making money as soon as possible.
  • “re-starts” or entrepreneurs who have a business already in place but who may have goofed when determining their target market
  • the person who is serious about their business

If you’re a tire kicker, someone who loves to learn but never takes action or you think you can figure it all out by watching how someone else does it, this course is not going to be for you.

Here’s what you get inside your course:

3 pre-recorded videos:


  • Misconceptions about target marketing so you don’t waste your time researching the wrong things
  • Find out the 1 common trait every buyer so you can be effective in your marketing
  • The single major mistake you’ll want to avoid when determining your target market
  • How to narrow your market so you can make MORE sales with less effort


  • You will learn the secret sauce recipe that keeps you loving what you do every single day
  • I’ll show you the fatal error in perception that can derail your entire marketing and business efforts
  • You will determine EXACTLY who your target market is so you can begin to market to them in a meaningful way and actually increase your bottom line.


  • Learn Dawn’s 5 sneaky, totally legitimate ways of finding out more about your competition so you can spend more time doing the things we already know work and less time doing the things that won’t.
  • You’ll see the free tool that will show you the interests of your audience based on what they do before and after visiting your competitors so you can find brand new places to target your marketing
  • Find out how to use one of the biggest selling platforms in the world to pluck marketing gold to use in blogs, sales pages and social media ads so you don’t have to reinvent the marketing wheel
  • Learn how to properly craft surveys and testimonials to cultivate more sales
Handouts and worksheets:
  • Customer Avatar worksheet to discover exactly who your target market is
  • Course workbook including oodles of resources
Private Facebook Group:
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can
    • connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs
    • ask me your questions directly
    • get feedback on your assignments

Don’t take my word for it!


I learned so much in the first video



You have absolutely nothing to lose!


Go through the entire bootcamp in 30 days.  Do the assignments.  If you’re not completely satisifed, email me within 30 days for a complete refund.

1 Easy Payment


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Get immediate access to everything in the course.  Access to all materials and the Facebook group for the life of the program.