Ready to create the business and life you’ve been dreaming about? Good. You’re in the perfect place to learn how to become successful and have it all.

Even successful businesses need help. Things change quickly online and sometimes you don’t even know where to start so you throw everything against the wall to see what sticks. When you’re working a j-o-b, taking care of your family and trying to have a life and soon you’re finding yourself questioning whether or not you can make this work. I know, because I was there too.

This site exists because of you – the person who wants happiness, purpose and wealth. You have a whole slew of blog posts, videos, tools, tips, and training to give you everything you need to know about getting a business up and running online successfully.

Sounds pretty good, ya?  Read on my friend.

You don’t have a biz without an email list. Inside scoop on making freebies so seductively alluring, people scream GIMMIE!

“You really gave me so much new (and renewed) excitement and motivation. You were outrageously prepared and excited for our call, and that enthusiasm was catching. Like a fiery case of the energy flu. Not only that, you gave me new ideas that weren’t only stellar in their own right, but that left room for me to grow them in new ways on my own.”

-Leslie, Crunchy Betty

Dawn and Spencer_600x400That’s me and my son, and he’s the reason we’re here.  Having him changed my life and made me rethink my purpose and level of happiness that I wanted and needed.  His birth led me to entrepreneurship but it hasn’t always been easy.

I started out in direct sales.  As he got older, I needed something more so I started my own company (formerly, Monday Morning VA) in 2009 when my son was barely 2 years old.  The following year my emotionally volatile marriage fell apart and filed for divorce.  My work was no longer my passion, was on welfare and had to put my business back together.

By 2012, I landed some amazing clients, got off assistance and started taking my mental and health challenges head on.  I became a Reiki teacher, started using essential oils and started living my life again.

Now, I work primarily with 3 clients out of choice, not necessity.  Hibiscus Moon, Blog Marketing Academy and The Restaurant Boss.  Instead of working 40-60 hours a week, I’m working 60 hours a month.

And forget working weekends – that’s time for me and my son.


Another big change happened in 2016. With nearly 7 years under my belt, I realized that my success was still in the hands of other people’s businesses. While I was making good money and was happy with the work I was doing, I knew I had to make a change.

With a renewed determination, I rebuilt my site and my company’s purpose. I wanted to help more people start businesses and become successful. I wanted to help direct sellers understand the power of branding themselves. I didn’t want to just make 6 figures working for clients, I wanted to earn 6 figures with my own training.

This shift in my mindset coincided with people flocking to my Facebook page (I’ve built it from 300 mostly friends and family, to over 6,000 in a few short months) and my website. They all wanted to know how I went from $20 in the bank in 2009 to making six figures and they wanted the inspiration and motivation to do it themselves.

The core business values haven’t changed, but I’ve grown as an entrepreneur and have done a complete 180 in the way I know online business has to be done. Building my own brand and business was the absolute best thing that ever happened to me, and I know it will happen for you too.

Follow along with over 6,000 other entrepreneurs where we discuss everything from mindset to business and everything in between.  Take a peek behind my life and business.  Every day you’ll find inspiration and motivation to build the business and live you’ve always wanted.  You’re worth it, right?

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You don’t have a biz without an email list. Inside scoop on making freebies so seductively alluring, people scream GIMMIE!

“I am still so super jazzed from our call. You are so kind and clever and lovely to talk to. It is all so exciting and accessible now. I swear, Dawn can find gold and good ideas in anything. You think it isn’t going to work and don’t know where to begin – speak to her and suddenly things become clear and you have a right hand to get you through and guide you, turning the ideas into being.”

-Grace Quantock,