FINALLY, a training community that will support you while you’re building your network marketing business

Hands up if you’ve ever thought or felt like this:

I wanted to supplement my income, but so far, MLM has been a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I’m posting on social media, but no one is commenting or even just liking anything I post.

I can’t focus!  My upline has zoom calls, there’s new products to learn about and I just don’t know where to focus my time.

I can’t seem to find any team members who are as passionate about doing this business as I am.


It can be tough to overcome that “shiny object” syndrome, especially when it seems that there are new “gurus” popping up everywhere and everyone has a different idea of what’s actually going to work.

Dawn seemed really passionate, I could totally relate to her story and I appreciated what she promised she could do for network marketers.  Not only was the Power Coaching session specific to my business, but she gave me so much more than what I was looking for. I just wish it was longer!

Ayanna Bethea

And that, my dear, is why I created Zone of Engagement.

In internet years, I guess you could call me old.  I’ve been running a successful online virtual assistance/project management company for the past 9 years and I’ve been working on internet marketing strategies with a 7-figure company who doesn’t want to bang people over the head with sales messages for the past 5 years.

When I started a network marketing business in 2007, I learned very quickly that I wanted to teach people how to build massive businesses.  I also learned that the way it was being taught to new representatives didn’t feel right.  And most times, it had very limited effectiveness.

When I turned my focus to network marketers, I was amazed by the amount of information and training that was offered to them by others in the industry.  Everything I looked into had the same problem – yes, even the “big guys”.

They still focused on traditional MLM sales techniques in an age where the internet has become an extension of ourselves and we have far less time to dedicate to building this business with our other family and personal responsibilities.

They found their own success with their MLM and decided to teach a course thinking if it worked for me, it’ll work for everyone else too.  Even if they have no real experience with internet marketing beyond the handful of strategies they used themselves.

Dawn’s session was the most comprehensive, personalized and action-oriented map to changing and creating growth in my business that I have ever experienced. I have re-watched and re-read the information to ensure I don’t miss a bit of her information. Even after just implementing a few of her action-items, I have already seen curiosity and interaction in my business soar. She analyzed my business and gave direction as if she were my heart-centered Chief Operating Officer. This was exactly the kick in the butt my business needed.

Audrey McLaughlin, The Wholebeing RN


Let’s be honest – you don’t need to spend a ton of money every year to fly to some destination, sit around a table and compare notes.  That either leaves you feeling like you’re so much further than everyone else (not great for you – what are you going to learn?) or that you’re too far behind (and you leave feeling defeated).

ZOE doesn’t force you to go through hours of training or pages of PDFs.

What does it do for you?  Glad you asked.


  • New training and resources every single month

  • Private community forum for networking and digging deeper into your business

  • Live Q+A sessions with Dawn every month

  • Special bonuses, perks and discounts


Zone of Engagement is currently in beta pricing  (which means it will soon be increasing to the regular price)  but you will lock in the price of $37 per month for as long as you’re an active member no matter what the price increases to.


If you’re not happy with your membership, simply email me within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.


Dawn showed me that by promoting my company and products all the time before people even knew me wasn’t going to give me the results that I wanted.  After making the changes she suggested, I saw more engagement immediately on Facebook and received a call from someone who was interested in Trevo!

-Yusufali Jaffer