Entrepreneur Momentum during COVID19

How To Keep (or get) Momentum as an Entrepreneur During COVID-19

I get pretty pissy when I watch good people go through hard times and do nothing about it – even when what they need is right in front of them. In this week’s video, I went on a bit of a rampage about consistency, responsibility and moving forward in this “new normal” that COVID-19 has brought us into. But I’ve also given you my best tips, advice and proven strategies on how to get through this even if you’ve been sitting in the corner biting your fingernails for the past 2 weeks.

interact with your business

How To Get People To Interact With You And Your Business

You want people to interact with your business. So you write, re-write and practice your elevator speech. PFFT. That’s almost a sure fire way to get people to turn down their eyes and back away slowly. Probably not what you were hoping for, right? If you want to figure out how to get people to interact with you, then try some of the tips I gave recently to my Facebook fans. I covered everything from social media to network marketers and even face-to-face meetings. For example, I told a story about an old friend who re-connected with me on Facebook. Except she was only trying to sell to me. If you liked this video, join me live tomorrow (December 8th) at 11am EST. I’ll be talking about lead magnets so you can figure out exactly what you should be offering. Get People To Interact With Your Business Want even more …