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I have to start off by stating that I was fairly skeptical by the thoughts of having a distance Reiki session – I have never tried anything like that, other than in person.

I did not feel much at all at the beginning of the session – and the skeptic in me was popping up a bit in the back of my mind – but I remained calm and sat relaxed, and did my best to remain open. Around 20-25 minutes into the session, I got a strong feeling of a high amount of foreign energy around me – I became suddenly emotional – like an emotional release ( the kind you may feel after a good cleansing cry) … it felt really good- though admittedly a little strange as well – as this energy was clearly not coming from me exactly. I also noticed I felt kind of tingly a few times similar to what you feel when you get a shiver up your spine, or goosebumps – but for a much more extended time- and from inside.

Other than that, I really did not feel a lot during the actual session – I woke up though (without even realizing I had laid down & gone to sleep) – and the first thing I noticed was that I had slept 6 hours straight ! This fact is not a big deal at all to most people that may read this – but to me I was very surprised to say the least.

I have had some major issues with sleep over the last number of years – I can count on one hand the number of times I have slept for more than 3- 4 hours at a time – not to mention that I so very rarely wake up feeling rested !
I felt amazing ! I kept looking at the clock – in surprise, as that so rarely happens I almost could not process it in my mind.

I had a great day – got a ton more accomplished than I normally do as well. Later that day, I also noticed that I kept focusing on my breath more – which helps me personally in many different beneficial ways.

After reviewing Dawn’s session report, I was deeply effected – in an almost un-explainable way – I was reading it over, and I had tears streaming down my face- it was like somehow she connected with my heart / soul in a way that I have only felt before with very close to my heart loved ones.

In her report, she picked up on some very personal subjects to me – with no way of her having this knowledge – things that I struggle with deep inside myself – and just hearing her thoughts on the energy surrounding these issues helped me to focus on what I need to clear out, and also focus on to help my life progress to where I need to go / be.

Dawn also picked up on one of my most private and personal dreams I have had re-occur for more than 25 years now … that was nothing short of amazing !
I am not a “wide open book” type of person – I am very private & some would say even guarded to a fault … so to have Dawn read these things about me, not to mention at a great distance- I am at a loss for words really- but it was a very positive feeling! Like we were both connected to the same source of energy – from my soul/spirit. She picked up on my personal struggles, my business worries, and did all of this with all positive feeling and energy.

It has now been a while since our session – and I can still access that feeling of peace and healing when I feel it come up and need to… this skeptic has turned into a full believer – without a doubt.

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Thank you for the session. I felt a tingling sensation especially in my head & shoulders area – and a heavy feeling as if a weight was being pressed down on my chest and pinning my shoulders – but then it passed. I also seemed to sense an intense white light at times.

I’m still digesting what you wrote – though I can tell you that it is very accurate.

I felt pretty good after the session (I did fall asleep) and the good feeling lasted part way into the evening. Later on though, I started to feel what I can only describe as toxic. By yesterday morning, I was in a lot of pain and ended up having to go back to bed.  I do have fibromyalgia and I am hypothyroid – so it isn’t that this was a new feeling – just that I haven’t had a flare up like this in quite awhile.

My heart Chakra is where my first session of Reiki caused the most intense emotions/pain as well. I was so surprised by it – but shouldn’t have been. I never thought about it before – but I can understand why you saw closed doors, boxes, etc.


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