HOLD UP .. are you a Network Marketer, Direct Seller or MLM business owner? Good, then read on.

Your upline taught you only ONE way to build your business:  get out there one-on-one, do party plans, set up at festivals, and start hustling by picking up the phone.

Darling, I’m here to tell you that there are MULTIPLE ways of building a business.  I just happen to specialize in building businesses online and can show you how a one-to-many approach can make you and your business a bloody supernova.

Tell me, how would it feel if you could ….

🗸 quit team meetings & party plans

🗸 still earn a ton of cash

🗸continue to build strong teams

🗸still have time for yourself & your family?

When I started my Avon business in 2007, I hated having to stamp and deliver each catalogue, take phone and email orders day and night, and go through my entire shipment to package orders.  Setting up booths and going to opportunity meetings with a baby in tow was for the birds.

What I LOVED was building the back end of my business.  Finding people who had the passion and drive to create a business for themselves and teaching them how to sell and create something they would be proud of.

What I wanted more than anything was to give them the life they had dreamed about:  working from home, being there for their family, and having their own cash.

When I started my Virtual Assistance company in 2009, I knew I was in something big.  Turns out, my genius is in marketing and teaching people how to get up and running online.

I still had a passion for network marketing (because really, this business model is kinda perfect), and I wanted to teach people how to get their businesses online and start marketing to the masses.  Every person I’ve talked to had the exact same problem with their MLM business:

  • I don’t want to pressure my family and friends into buying from me or starting a company under me
  • My upline said that I can’t build my own website and I can’t market on social media
  • I don’t have the time or inclination to meet people face-to-face.
  • Everyone I approach thinks my business is a scam, a pyramid scheme.
  • I was excited when I first started, but I had no bites, so I gave up.

Dawn’s Brand Yourself Strategy Session is the most comprehensive, personalized and action-oriented map to changing and creating growth in my business that I have ever experienced. I have re-watched and re-read the information to ensure I don’t miss a bit of her information. Even after just implementing a few of her action-items, I have already seen curiosity and interaction in my business soar. She analyzed my business and gave direction as if she were my heart-centered Chief Operating Officer. This was exactly the kick in the butt my business needed.

-Audrey McLaughlin

Audrey McLaughlin, Brand Yourself Strategy Session

Did any of those things sound like something you’ve said or thought before?

 You’re definitely not alone, sweetheart.

Brand Yourself Now – $297!


  • Start building your social media pages without breaking anyone’s rules and INSTANTLY create curiosity about your business?
  • Find out exactly what you should be posting on your social media pages that will draw people to you in droves?
  • Stop consistently pitching family and friends
  • Stop being disappointed because people don’t want to buy into your opportunity
  • Find out exactly what I would do if I was running your company?

I know it’s hard to decide which path to follow in your business.  I know it’s a rough when your entire upline tells you that you should and must follow their lead when it comes to building your business.

My parents had an Amway business when I was a little girl.  Trust me when I say that things have changed.  The internet, online marketing and social media has opened up possibilities that you can’t even imagine.

My way isn’t the only way, but if you’re looking to build a massive empire online without sacrificing your time, these strategy sessions are going to your new BFF.


  • A review of your current business. Send me the information on your company, all of your websites, the marketing you’re doing now (ads, email campaigns) and  all of your social media pages.
  • A recorded video walk through of your business that is yours to keep forever. This is a completely personalized video of me going through your entire business and offering my insights and suggestions.
  • A 30 day follow up sequence.  I’m going to be completely transparent here – this is going to be an automated email sequence designed to keep you moving forward and accountable.  It’s really important to stay on track and not get stuck in busy work.
  • A personal 2 week check in.  The accountability sequence may niggle at your mind, but a personal email from me is going to be a boot in the butt.  I’m going to check to see where you are in terms of the changes you’re implementing in your business.
  • A final 30 day check in.  This personal email check in is going to give you the chance to have me answer any questions you might have had along the way.  If you struggled implementing a suggestion I had, or you want to see if it looks better now, this is the time to get it done.  THIS IS HUGE!

This is one of the recent strategy sessions that I completed for someone who worked with Beach Body.  The short video (it’s under a minute and a half) is just a sample of the content that they received in their 25 minute video.


Are you ready to make all your online marketing work for you?

Are you ready to build the business that you’ve been dreaming of?


Brand Yourself Now – $297!

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