I show entrepreneurs + network marketers how to use personal branding to stand up & stand out in over crowded industries to create businesses they can be proud of.

Download my secret formula for writing copy that turns readers into buyers and has your products flying off the shelf like magic. 

I needed savvy business support, and knowing you had worked with Danielle LaPorte in the past, I figured you had what it took.  Dawn is reliable, has a high level of integrity and is incredibly personable.  It was a fabulous investment!

Melissa D’Antoni, Fire Tree Studios


Direct sellers know that the easiest part of this business is getting started because signing up is exciting.  Most leave because they simply can’t make enough sales or find team members.  And all of them are afraid that they’ll fail and look foolish in front of their friends and family.

What if I could show you EXACTLY what you were doing in your promotion and advertising that was pushing people away?

The end result is a 100% personalized 45 minute video showing you how to ditch cold calls, “hundreds lists” and warm market recruiting.


When you connect with a potential client on social media, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.  Standing out from the crowd can be as easy as this done-for-you Social Media Contact Plan.

Inside, you’ll find the exact template I used when I went from zero clients to full docket in less than 6 months including a fierce player in the biz/self-help world.

I’ve kicked it up a notch giving you a simple, beautiful, easy to personalize template that you can send to each of these cold leads.  There’s swipe files in case your muse left for the afternoon.

Tweak, love, send.


Is there a secret to knowing how to make your products and services fly off the shelves?  You bet there is.

By the end of today, you’ll know the secrets behind knowing more about your buyer than they know about themselves.

You’ll learn the exact things you need to do, think, and say – and the best part is that ANYONE can do this no matter what level your business is in .. even if you’ve been in business for years.

One of the biggest reasons businesses fail is because you don’t know how to talk to your audience!


Confession: until (very) recently, I know absolutely zilch about affiliate marketing. So when a brand-new client asked me to ramp up her affiliate program, I turned to Dawn. Within an hour, she had meticulously (and patiently) walked me through the entire process. I’d recommend Dawn’s training services to anyone who enjoys feeling like a pro, instead of a dolt.

Alexandra Franzen, AlexandraFranzen.com